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A religious relic of international importance is discovered and leveraged by an unknown organization for an unknown purpose at all costs. The field operative of a newly formed CIA think tank focused on discovering and preventing acts of extremism and fundamentalism seeks to expose and thwart these plans before the major religions and countries of the world discover what’s happened… and overreact accordingly. 

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The political agenda of an ancient emperor influenced a single decision whose impact is felt even today. An artifact is discovered, altering the balance of power among some of the most influential organizations on earth. A forgotten order seeking revenge for nearly two millennia sees it's opportunity, and pounces. Deacon Ross, field agent for a clandestine CIA think tank, races to make sense of a complex network of lies, ancient scores and modern geo-political mine fields before history violently forces a correction.

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An eccentric billionaire obsessed with ancient rituals and beliefs dies suddenly. Fringe nations scramble to get their hands on his company's revolutionary technologies. World-renowned scientists and experts begin disappearing, leaving nations and private organizations pointing fingers, and escalating tensions. The CIA's operational think tank, Fourteen, injects their top field operative Deacon Ross to cut through the chaos before the threats turn into bloodshed.


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