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Writing can be both fulfilling and terrifying. It allows one to create a world as they want it, yet it exposes them to the real world he or she can't control. The process has fired within me a creative passion I didn't know existed.

I started writing my first novel in 2019 when my obsession with thrillers began to go unsatisfied. I just couldn't connect with what I was reading. I liked a little of this plot, and a little of that protagonist. I wanted Author A's style with Author B's substance. Instead of perpetually whining about it, I acted, and the outcome was totally unexpected. I enjoy the process of writing far more than I ever enjoyed reading. Weird. 

I'm a mechanical engineer by education, and a business investor and advisor by practice. Like many writers in this genre, I've written a little of myself into my protagonist. We're both fans of history, archeology and truth. We're serious guys, but can't hold back our sarcastic selves. We adore the outdoors, and relish any opportunity to spend time there.

I hope you enjoy my world, and see a little of yourself there too.

Anatomy of a Hero

When I started down the path of constructing my protagonist, I felt the voices of certain iconic espionage and thriller characters scrambling to influence the process. I've always been drawn to the brutal efficiency of Jason Bourne, yet not so much the dark, brooding part of his persona. I'm mesmerized by the intellectualism of Robert Langdon, but he's just kind of, well, a wuss. I love reading about the operational focus of Pike Logan, but he's a real jerk. My "Hero" is in a class of his own. He's the type of guy you'd want to have a beer with, yet he could provide a dissertation on the history of the beverage. His elite military experience has certainly left its emotional and physical scars, but his charm and optimism shine through. There is no question he can kick ass, but he prefers other options before dipping into the beast.

I'm a visual guy. I like describing things in terms that can be easily pictured in mind, and like reading authors that do the same. That said, you'll notice my writing style gets specific in certain details to help the reader immerse themselves in the experience. The more senses I can appeal to, the better.


Immersion... isn't that what reading is all about?

intel & insights


Hidden and buried in the New Mexico mountains, the elusive, real-life Fenn Treasure has been found. Forrest Fenn, a wealthy antiquities   collector, buried the treasure in 2010, and published a poem with hidden clues to the treasure's location. The individual who discovered the treasure won't reveal any details, and neither will Fenn. Was the whole thing a hoax? Was there ever even a treasure? For the sake of a little mystery in the world, I choose to believe. 

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